Video – Add, edit, insert document properties in Word easier than ever

Duration: 3:50

DocTools DocPropertyManager lets you manage and repeat data in Word fast and easy with custom document properties and DocProperty fields.

Watch the video above to learn how DocTools DocPropertyManager lets you add, edit, and insert document properties in Word easier than ever. The video also shows how you can use other features in DocTools DocPropertyManager such as import/export custom document properties between documents.

Transcript of the video

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00:00:04,800 --> 00:00:06,433
DocTools DocPropertyManager - How it Works

00:00:06,433 --> 00:00:10,399
Text with DocProperty fields - toggle field codes to see details. TIP: field shading is visible on the screen but not in print.

00:00:10,400 --> 00:00:16,600
Field code tells Word to show the value of the custom document property named "Client Name".

00:00:16,600 --> 00:00:27,400
Select DocTools tab > Properties & DocProperty Fields to open control center.

00:00:27,400 --> 00:00:31,966
The dialog box shows list of properties and buttons to manage properties and DocProperty fields.

00:00:31,966 --> 00:00:53,266
Select a property in the list and click Modify to modify its value.

00:00:53,266 --> 00:00:55,866
All DocProperty fields using that property are automatically updated to show the new value.

00:00:55,866 --> 00:00:59,499

00:00:59,500 --> 00:01:14,433
Add as many custom document properties you want - and insert as many DocProperty fields you want.

00:01:14,433 --> 00:01:33,666
You can double-click a name in the list to insert a DocProperty field.

00:01:33,666 --> 00:01:38,866
You can apply formatting to custom document properties.

00:01:38,866 --> 00:01:48,066
Any new or existing DocProperty field using that property will be applied the formatting.

00:01:48,066 --> 00:01:59,099
Format info is shown in dialog box.

00:01:59,100 --> 00:02:02,233
Use the Filter options to quickly find a specific property.

00:02:02,233 --> 00:02:04,466
Use the Filter options to quickly find a specific property.

00:02:04,466 --> 00:02:09,932
Click Show All to show the full list again.

00:02:09,933 --> 00:02:14,266
If properties are missing, DocProperty fields show errors when updated.

00:02:14,266 --> 00:02:20,199
This may happen, for example, if you copy text to another document.

00:02:20,200 --> 00:02:31,600
Select DocTools tab > Add Missing Properties...

00:02:31,600 --> 00:02:37,300
...and the missing properties are added. Modify the values as needed.

00:02:37,300 --> 00:02:43,200
You can import and export custom document properties between documents.

00:02:43,200 --> 00:02:49,166
Let's try to import properties.

00:02:49,166 --> 00:03:02,032
Select import document and import settings.

00:03:02,033 --> 00:03:08,366
Information about the result is shown and the imported properties are added to the list.

00:03:08,366 --> 00:03:21,599
You can sort the list of properties alphabetically by name.

00:03:21,600 --> 00:03:33,566
You can select a property in the list and click Find Text and Replace with DocProperty Field...

00:03:33,566 --> 00:03:38,499 find text that matches the value of the selected property...

00:03:38,500 --> 00:03:47,833
...and replace with DocProperty fields (or ignore).

00:03:47,833 --> 00:03:50,666
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