Word add-ins - time-saving tools made for you

Word Add-Ins

Time-saving tools made for you

DocTools Word Add-Ins can help you work more efficiently in Microsoft Word

The Word add-ins that are available from this website provide supplemental tools for Word. The purpose of the add-ins is to help you save a lot of time and work more efficiently in Word. New add-ins will be added and already available add-ins will be updated when relevant.

With a single exception the add-ins are developed by Lene Fredborg, the person behind DocTools. See About for more details about DocTools, Word Add-Ins and the person behind.

Word Add-Ins Ready for Use - Start Saving Time Immediately

Below you will find an overview of the add-ins for Microsoft Word that are currently available. Click a "Read More" button to go to a product-specific page for an add-in.
Several of the Word add-ins share the DocTools tab in the Ribbon, as illustrated below. Other add-ins have a separate tab.

DocTools tab in the Ribbon - with tools from several Word Add-Ins

DocTools AddAutoCorrect

Adds AutoCorrect Options to right-click menu in Word 2013 or Word 2016


DocTools CrossReferenceManager

Makes the work with cross-references in Word easier and smarter than ever

Free Trial - DocTools CrossReferenceManager

DocTools DocPropertyManager

Manage document data and repeat data in Word fast and easy with custom document properties and DocProperty fields

Free Trial - DocTools DocPropertyManager

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro

Extract insertions, deletions and comments from any Word document, incl. context and headings

Free Trial - DocTools ExtractChanges Pro

DocTools ExtractData

Extract acronyms, bookmarks, tracked changes or comments from any Word document


DocTools HideSpellingSuggestions

Hide spelling suggestions from right-click menu etc. in Word to train writing skills


DocTools HighlightManager

Apply any highlight color or remove highlight in Word with a single click - customizable shortcuts

Free Trial - DocTools HighlightManager

DocTools ScreenTipManager

Create screen tips in Word fast and easy - with up to 2040 characters

Free Trial - DocTools HighlightManager

Word Toolkit

Tools for advanced management of headers and footers in Word