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Microsoft Word Add-Ins from DocTools

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Work more efficiently in Word with powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use add-ins from DocTools

Microsoft Word is the most powerful word processor ever developed, and now its most powerful capabilities have been streamlined by DocTools, enabling you to accomplish some of your most complex tasks with a simple click of your mouse. Save time, work more efficiently, and produce better documents … across projects, across departments, across the enterprise.

Word Add-Ins Ready for Use – Improve Productivity in Microsoft Word At Once

Below you will find an overview of the add-ins for Microsoft Word that are currently available. Click a Read More button to go to a product-specific page with detailed information about the add-in.

Many of the Word add-ins share the DocTools tab in the Ribbon, as illustrated below. Other add-ins have a separate tab.

DocTools tab in the Ribbon showing tools from a number of DocTools Word Add-Ins

DocTools AddAutoCorrect

Adds AutoCorrect Options to right-click menu in Word 2013 or Word 2016


DocTools AddBoilerplate   NEW Add-In

Generate complete documents in seconds from re-usable text or graphics

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DocTools CrossReferenceManager

Simplify and speed up the management of cross-references even in your most complex documents

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DocTools DocPropertyManager

Manage document data and repeat data in Word fast and easy with custom document properties and DocProperty fields

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DocTools ExtractChanges Pro

Extract insertions, deletions and comments from any Word document, incl. context and headings

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DocTools ExtractData

Extract acronyms, bookmarks, tracked changes or comments from any Word document


DocTools HideSpellingSuggestions

Hide spelling suggestions from right-click menu etc. in Word to train writing skills


DocTools HighlightManager

Apply any highlight color or remove highlight in Word with a single click – customizable shortcuts

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DocTools ScreenTipManager

Create screen tips in Word fast and easy – with up to 2040 characters

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Word Toolkit

Tools for advanced management of headers and footers in Word