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Learn how DocTools ScreenTipManager can help you

Have you sometimes noticed the screen tips, i.e. small pop-up windows, that appear on Websites when you hover the mouse over a text or a picture?
Have you been looking for at way to make such screen tips in Word?

DocTools ScreenTipManager makes it  fast and easy to create and edit screen tips in Word with up to 2040 characters. You will also find unique features for formatting and handling the screen tips. You can use screen tips for different purposes such as instructions or definitions.

DocTools ScreenTipManager works with Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2019, Word for Office 365 on PC.
The add-in works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office.

Watch the short videos below and read on to learn how DocTools ScreenTipManager can help you.

Single user license  only EUR 47 - volume discount - see Pricing details below.

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1.21 (see Changelog for info about versions and changes)

January 13, 2019

Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2019, Word for Office 365 on PC

One license per computer is required (see License Terms)

15 days

Applies to licenses purchased on a single order

Minor updates within 12 months for free

Save 50% on upgrade licenses for later full number versions

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1-4 licenses

47 Euro

5-9 licenses

45 Euro

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42 Euro

25-49 licenses

37 Euro

50-99 licenses

32 Euro

100 or more licenses

27 Euro

* Prices do not include applicable taxes

Introduction to DocTools ScreenTipManager features

DocTools ScreenTipManager lets you add as many screen tips you want in a Word document.

Screen tips will only appear in Word. Screen tips will appear in Word even in protected documents such as forms. Screen tips will not appear in e.g. PDF format.

  • Only the persons who are going to create and edit the screen tips need the DocTools ScreenTipManager add-in. End users who only need to be able to read the screen tips do not need DocTools ScreenTipManager
  • You can use screen tips for many purposes. For example, create instructions in Word templates to help the users, show definitions of terms or outline what an acronym means
  • Screen tips created with DocTools ScreenTipManager can include up to 2040 characters - not only 256 characters as you normally see
  • DocTools ScreenTipManager makes it easy to format screen tip text in the document using character styles
  • DocTools ScreenTipManager lets you quickly create a table with all your screen tips, either in the same document or in a new document. For example, this makes it easy to reuse screen tip texts across documents.
  • And much more...

The user interface (i.e. screen texts in the Ribbon, dialog boxes, help, etc.) of DocTools ScreenTipManager is in English but the add-in can be used with any language version of Word.

DocTools ScreenTipManager is easy to use. You can start using it immediately but it is recommended to spend some time on familiarizing with the functionality in order to take full advantage of all the features.

You will find more details about the screen tip features below, including a video that shows DocTools ScreenTipManager in action.

More details about the screen tip features


Over time, many users have asked whether it is possible to create screen tips in Word, i.e. small windows that pop up when hovering the mouse pointer over a text. Word has no feature especially aimed at this but it is possible to tweak Word features to make screen tips anyway. Since 2011, I have provided information and a free macro solution for creating screen tips, available from the Macros menu at my website That solution lets you create screen tips including max. 256 characters. I know from the feedback that this macro solution has helped many users.

With DocTools ScreenTipManager you can do much more than that. Not only can you create screen tips with up to 2040 characters - the add-in includes a number of other features. See below for details and watch the video.

About the functionality of DocTools ScreenTipManager

You have access to the functionality of the add-in via the Screen Tips group in the DocTools tab in the Ribbon.

You will find a short description of each command in Overview of all features in ScreenTipManager below.

The Screen Tips group in the DocTools tab

Screen tips in Word - Screen Tips group in the RIbbon

TIP: You can add any of the commands to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) if you want. To do this, right-click the desired command and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

The Screen Tip Tools menu

Screen tips in Word - Screen Tip Tools menu

Help and tips are built into the add-in

Screen tips in Word - ScreenTipManager Help menu

If you hover the mouse over a command, you will see a short description of the command. When you select a command that opens a dialog box, the dialog box will show information about what to do. In addition, the Help on DocTools ScreenTipManager command in the Help menu provides comprehensive help.

Video - see how you can create screen tips in Word using DocTools ScreenTipManager

All you need to do to insert a screen tip is to position the insertion point where you want the screen tip text to appear and select Create/Edit Screen Tip.
TIP: You can also open the Create/Edit Screen Tip dialog box using the keyboard shortcut Alt+F12. Watch the video below to learn how it works. 

Overview of all features in DocTools ScreenTipManager

Command name



Create/Edit Screen Tip

Opens a dialog box that lets you create a new or edit an existing screen tip field.

To create a new screen tip field, position the insertion point where the screen tip field is to be inserted or select text that is to be used as the display text. If you have selected text before you open the dialog box, that text will automatically be suggested as the text to display in the document. If no text is selected, you can enter the display text in the dialog box that opens.

The Check Spelling button in the dialog box lets you check the spelling and grammar of the screen tip text.

To edit an existing screen tip field, click in the field before selecting this command.

Go to Next

Goes to the next screen tip field in the current story, if any. Click repeatedly to browse through screen tip fields.

Go to Previous

Goes to the previous screen tip field in the current story, if any. Click repeatedly to browse through screen tip fields.

Commands in the Screen Tip Tools menu

You can see an illustration of the Screen Tip Tools menu above the video.

Command name



Show/Hide Screen Tips

This command toggles display of screen tips on or off. To see screen tips when hovering the mouse pointer over a screen tip field, the display of screen tips must be on.

Apply Character Style to Screen Tip Fields

This command lets you select a character style that will be applied to all screen tip fields in the document or to selected screen tip fields only. You can use the command to make sure that all screen tip fields are formatted the same way. For example, it may be useful applying a special character style, e.g. with background shading that makes it easy to distinguish screen tip fields from other content in order to help the user.

The command also lets you remove all character formatting, applied via a character style or as direct formatting, so that the screen tips revert to the underlying paragraph style.

Find and Replace in All Screen Tips

This command lets you find and replace text in all screen tips in one quick operation, without editing the screen tips one by one.

Remove Screen Tips

This command will remove screen tips and convert screen tip fields to normal text. You can select from removing all screen tips in the document or only selected screen tips. You can also select whether or not to remove the special style of the screen tips display text, if any.

Check and Repair Screen Tip Fields

This command lets you check the entire document for problems with screen tip fields and lets you correct the errors, if any. Possible problems will be found one by one in order for you to handle them individually.

Create/Update Screen Tip Table

This command creates a table in the cursor position in the active document. The table will include data for each screen tip field.

You can define which data to include in the table and whether or not to combine data for identical screen tips in a single row. You can include the display text and screen tip text for each screen tip field plus additional information.

If a screen tip table already exists, you will be offered the option to replace that table with an updated version.

In case of a new screen tip table, the insertion point must be in an empty paragraph where the screen tip table is to be inserted. In case of updating an existing screen tip table, that table will automatically be found.

The command will remember your latest screen tip table settings for each document.

Go to Next Screen Tip Table

Goes to the next screen tip table in the main text story, if any. Click repeatedly to browse through screen tip tables if more tables are found.

Extract Screen Tip Data to New Document

This command extracts screen tip data from the active document to a new document.

The data will be listed in a table in the extract document. You can define which data to include in the table and whether or not to combine data for identical screen tips in a single row. You can include the display text or the entire screen tip field plus the screen tip text for each screen tip field plus additional information about each screen tip field.

The command will remember your latest screen tip extract settings for each document.

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