Browse objects and find text in Word – faster and easier than ever

Get the object browser feature from Word 2010 and earlier versions back!

Learn how the DocTools ObjectBrowser Word add-in can help you – NEW

DocTools ObjectBrowser lets you browse pages, sections, headings, tables, graphics, etc. or execute and repeat a find operation as many times as you want – it only requires a single keystroke or the click of a button.

Use DocTools ObjectBrowser to quickly check and find content in any Word document. Perfect and time-saving tool for Word power-users and for anyone who uses Word on a daily basis for creating and editing documents. The add-in is especially useful in long documents.

  • DocTools ObjectBrowser makes it fast and easy to browse different types of content in a Word document. You can browse pages, sections, headings, footnotes, endnotes, comments, lines, tables, graphics, embedded objects, fields, bookmarks, and equations.
  • DocTools ObjectBrowser also makes it easy to find anything you can find using Word’s own Find feature and repeat the same Find operation as many times you want with a single click.
  • Switch between the different object types and the Find icon with a single click.
  • Browse objects or repeat the same find operation with a single keystroke or the click of a button, as you wish.
  • Leave the small Object Browser dialog box open in a place where it's not in your way or close it, as you wish. Shortcuts for browsing also work when the dialog box is closed.
  • Extra tools let you define how DocTools ObjectBrowser works, view document statistics, and more…

Maybe you know the object browser functionality from Word 2010 and earlier versions of Word. The object browser feature could be accessed from the vertical scroll bar in a Word window. If you used that feature, you have most likely missed it ever since updating to a newer version of Word. Microsoft removed the feature in Word 2013 and it has been missing since then. Microsoft has no plans to implement the feature again.