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To learn more about the add-in and about how to install it, see the IntroductionMore Details and How to Install tabs.
You will find more add-ins in the Products menu.

See also the tip about DocTools ExtractChanges Pro below - an advanced add-in for extracting insertions, deletions and comments.
Overview of differences between extracting changes from Word using DocTools ExtractChanges Pro and DocTools ExtractData

How to download the add-in: DocTools ExtractData

Version 1.3
Released August 26, 2016
See Changelog for information about versions and changes

  1. Fill in the fields to the right.*
  2. Click the green Download button​.
  3. An email will be sent to the email address you specify.

    Please check your spam or junk email folder if the email does not
    appear within a few minutes.
  4. ​Click the link in the email to download a zip file that includes the add-in.
  5. Install the add-in.​
    Installation instructions are included in the email you receive.

* Your email address will only be used to send you the download link incl. installation instructions. See Privacy Policy.

See also the tip about the Acronyms Master add-in below if you need to generate lists of acronyms and abbreviations, incl. definitions.

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro                       Advanced add-in version - check it out now!

Word Add-In from DocTools

​Are you editing large contracts or similar documents?

​Do you want to be able to extract insertions, deletions and comments in full context and including headings and subheadings?

Acronyms Master - add-in for generating lists of acronyms and abbreviations, incl. definitions

Acronyms Master - add-in that lets you generate list of acronyms and abbreviations incl. definitions - for Word documents

The functionality for extracting acronyms included in the DocTools ExtractData add-in finds and extracts acronyms consisting of 3 or more letters. It does not extract any definitions.

If you are working with large documents with many abbreviations and acronyms you should have a look at the Acronyms Master add-in. I was actually working on an advanced add-in for extracting acronyms including their definitions when I found Acronyms Master developed by Alexander Becker. After having tested Acronyms Master I decided to refer to that add-in instead - it is easy to use, affordable and includes all the functionality you need.

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