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This page shows an overview of video tutorials for the DocTools Word Add-Ins. Click a video link below to open a page from where you can watch the video.

You can also view the videos related to a specific Word add-in directly from the related product page for that add-in. You can access all Word add-ins from the Products menu above.

Each video has cover that shows what the video is about

Each video has cover that shows what the video is about.

Video tutorials – overview

DocTools AdBoilerplate

VIDEO 1  How to get started with your first boilerplate (duration: 1:17)

DocTools CommentManager

VIDEO 1  Review comments in Word (duration: 3:38)

VIDEO 2  Extract comments to Word or Excel (Duration: 1:55)

DocTools CrossReferenceManager

VIDEO 1  Work smarter with cross-references in Word (duration: 0:42)

DocTools DocPropertyManager

VIDEO 1  Add, edit, insert document properties in Word easier than ever (duration: 3:50)

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro

No videos yet

DocTools HighlightManager

No videos yet

DocTools ObjectBrowser

VIDEO 1  Browse and find content in Word fast and easy (duration: 6:13)

DocTools ProcedureGrammarChecker

No videos yet

DocTools ScreenTipManagerManager

VIDEO 1  How to create screen tips in Word (duration: 1:43)

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Did you know that...
DocTools Word Add-Ins 
can help you save time and work more efficiently in Word

Generate complete documents in seconds from re-usable text or graphics

Manage comments in Word fast and easy – review comments, extract comments to Word or Excel, etc.

Simplify and speed up the management of cross-references even in your most complex documents

Manage and repeat data in Word fast and easy with custom document properties and DocProperty fields

Extract insertions, deletions and comments from any Word document, incl. context and headings

Apply any highlight color or remove highlight in Word with a single click – customizable shortcuts

Browse pages, sections, headings, tables, graphics, etc. and find text in Word with a single click

Check safety-critical procedure documents for human factor issues in minutes – improve quality and help prevent errors

Create screen tips in Word fast and easy – with up to 2040 characters