Highlighting in Word made easy – shortcuts, replace colors, etc.

Version 3.0 with new features – review and replace highlight colors, extract highlight to new document, etc.

Learn how the DocTools HighlightManager Word add-in can help you

Are you using highlighting in Word? Are you using different highlight colors? In that case, you have most likely been annoyed by having to go to the Ribbon again and again to switch highlight color before you can get your job done.

DocTools HighlightManager makes the work with highlight a lot easier and much more efficient. No more time spent on switching from one highlight color to another. You can apply or remove highlight via a dialog box that can remain open as you work. You can also apply or remove highlight via customizable keyboard shortcuts – also referred to as hotkeys. You can replace highlight colors, extract highlight from a document, and more.

Completely compatible with Word's own highlight features but with powerful and unique capabilities such as:

  • Highlight text with any highlight color with a single click – use the mouse or a keyboard shortcut as you wish