Testimonials about DocTools Word Add-Ins

Below you will find examples of what users say about DocTools Word Add-Ins that are available on this website.

I have literally compacted a full day’s work into about 1 minute and at the push of a button in DocTools ExtractChanges Pro.

Tony Johnson

Financial Analyst

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro is a great tool and an enormous timesaver.

Barry R. Stanford 

Vice President, Safety and Security, AEG Worldwide

We love the CrossReferenceManager tool, it has made life incredibly easy for us! :- )

Swati Johri


I highly recommend CrossReferenceManager as a fantastic group of tools, saving time and making my documents more accurate and accessible.

Lene gives amazing support! She gives clear, detailed and understandable instructions. She is really committed to her user's success, creating updates and tweaking features at amazing speed.

One of a kind!

Rabbi Elijah C. Dordek

Founder & Director of Mishna Sdura, Senior Lecturer in Talmudic Studies and Jewish Philosophy

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro is a must have tool for any front end transactional lawyer whose day-to-day life is ruled by track changes, blacklines and comments from their clients and counterparties.

The program provides a systematic and high quality review of any document to create a standardized template at the click of one button – leaving a fee earner to push aside document compilation to focus on the key issues to be negotiated and formulate strategies to their clients.


Construction Lawyer

Wow, you are amazing and have fantastic customer service. Thank you!

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro is such a great tool. I am appreciative you developed something so efficient! 

Kelly Lyles

PS as a patent professional, I am finding your CrossReferenceManager tool extremely valuable for patent drafting!

Antonia Modkova

Patent Attorney

Discovering DocTools CrossReferenceManager was like a childhood Christmas – magical!

CrossReferenceManager has significantly simplified how we automate cross-references in Word and has improved the overall quality of our customer focused documentation.

David Buckley

Senior Manager Technical Publications, GS1

First, Wow! Thank you for the incredibly quick and detailed response!

The Comment Manager is a very comprehensive and impressive tool. I haven't seen much out there that compares with it or the other DocTools add-ins.

Darrel Harmer

Senior Project Manager, State government agency – USA

I have been using DocTools CrossReferenceManager for several months and have found it to be extremely useful.

I am also extremely pleased and impressed by Lene Fredborg's support. When I ran into issues using the program, Lene Fredborg helped me solve the issues quickly and professionally. I could not ask for more from any software provider.

John D. Purdy