Extract tracked changes and comments from Word – Advanced

Learn how the DocTools ExtractChanges Pro Word add-in can help you

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro lets you extract insertions, deletions and comments from any Word document, in full context and including headings and subheadings.

The add-in reduces hours of work to seconds or a few minutes and makes the work with blacklining / redlining easier than ever.

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro is the perfect time-saving tool for anyone who is editing large contracts, specifications and similar documents and for anyone who participates in the review process of such documents. Perfect for business, government, law, sales, finance, etc.

DocTools ExtractChanges Pro provides extremely powerful and unique capabilities such as:

  • Extracts insertions, deletions and comments – in full context – to a new document, including extra metadata such as page number, paragraph number, author and revision date
  • Headings and subheadings are detected and extracted with the changes – even in poorly formatted Word documents
  • You can extract changes and comments either from the entire document or from a selected part of the main text as you wish – you can even include revisions in headers, footers, footnotes and endnotes
  • You can compare two versions of a document and extract the differences in one operation
  • You can batch compare a specific document with all documents in a selected folder in one operation
  • You can customize several options in relation to the extract and the resulting document