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Productivity Tools for Microsoft Word

Powerful Word Add-Ins from DocTools

Skyrocket your productivity in Word with easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Word add-ins from DocTools

  • Overview of all available DocTools Word add-ins
Word Add-Ins from DocTools

What is the idea of using add-ins for Word?

As stated on the home page of wordaddins.com, Microsoft Word is the most powerful word processor ever developed. Microsoft Office is used by more than one billion users all over the world. If you are using Word in your daily work, you have most likely experienced several situations where you find the work more time-consuming or tedious than you like. You may also have run into tasks that you were not able to solve using the built-in functionality in Word. It is where add-ins get relevant.

Word add-ins can work as productivity tools that:

  • automate or simplify tasks
  • make it possible to perform tasks that you cannot solve using the built-in features in Word
  • save you a lot of time and cost!

In addition to the results listed above, add-ins can also help you improve the quality of documents. Mistakes you may make when performing a series of tasks manually can be eliminated by using well-prepared and tested tools that do the tasks for you.

The purpose of the DocTools Word add-ins is to function as such productivity software for Word. Each of the add-ins has been developed to assist you in your work with specific tasks in Word.

It takes only a moment to install a DocTools Word add-in. Once installed, the tools included in the add-in will automatically be available in Word, ready for you to use in any Word document you are working with.

8 advanced productivity tools for Word – start saving time immediately

Below, you will be introduced to 8 powerful Word add-ins. Each of the add-ins can help you work smarter and increase your productivity in Word.

All the 8 Word add-ins work with Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2019 and Word for Microsoft 365. All the add-ins, except ObjectBrowser, also work with Word 2010.
The add-ins are developed for PC / Windows and work with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Word.

Free Trial icon - Word add-ins from DocTools

Try before you buy – 7-day FREE TRIAL

To give you the chance to try out an add-in before you buy, I offer a 7-day FREE trial of each of the add-ins.
Get instant access and start to boost your productivity in Word immediately.

How to learn more about the add-ins

Click a READ MORE button to learn more about an add-in. From the product-specific page, you can also get access to a free trial version. Follow the instructions on the page.

CommentManager  NEW features

Manage comments in Word fast and easy – smart tools for numbering comments, reviewing comments, extracting comments, etc.

Productivity Tools for Microsoft Word - The CommentManager tools in the DocTools tab in the Ribbon

DocTools CommentManager is a time-saving tool for anyone who is involved in editing and reviewing contracts, specifications, legal documents, scientific reports, technical specifications, user manuals and other documents where comments are used extensively. 

Powerful tools and unique features for automatic comment numbering, reviewing comments, extracting comments, inserting special inline comments – and much more…



Simplify and speed up the management of cross-references even in your most complex documents

Productivity Tools for Microsoft Word - The CrossReferenceManager tools in the DocTools tab in the Ribbon

DocTools CrossReferenceManager is the perfect, time-saving tool for anyone who uses Word for writing contracts, scientific reports, technical reports, technical specifications, user manuals, academic dissertations and other documents in which cross-references are needed.

A lot of powerful and unique features: Insert text with multiple cross-references with a single click. Powerful tools to detect and repair cross-reference errors – and much more…



Manage document data and repeat data in Word fast and easy with custom document properties and DocProperty fields

Productivity Tools for Microsoft Word - The DocPropertyManager tools in the DocTools tab in the Ribbon

DocTools DocPropertyManager lets you quickly define data that can be inserted anywhere in the document with the click of a button. This way, you maintain data in one place only and you can repeat the data as many times you want. Lets you import custom document properties from any other Word document – and much more…

Useful in all kinds of documents – letters, contracts, scientific reports, technical reports, technical specifications, user manuals, academic dissertations, etc.