Search Word Add-Ins website

How to search the entire Word Add-Ins website

Type your search string in the Search field to the right. Then click the Search icon or press the Enter key. The content from all pages on this website with text that match the search string will be shown one after another. You can then use Ctrl+F (see below) to search within all the text.

If you hover the mouse over the Products menu, you will get an overview of all add-ins. If you hover the mouse over the Support – How to menu, you will get an overview of all support articles.

How to search the actual page

If you want to search for a word or a series of words on the actual page, you can use the Find feature that is found in almost every browser. Press Ctrl+F to display the search field, type the text you want to search for and use the buttons in the field to browse the matches.

Many pages on this website also have a table of contents you can use to get an overview of the contents. You can click a heading in the table of contents to go to the related section. On some pages, a small table of contents will be shown to the left and follow along as you scroll.