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Save time, work more efficiently and produce better Word documents…
across projects, across departments, across the enterprise

Microsoft Word is the most powerful word processor ever developed. Now its most powerful capabilities have been streamlined by DocTools, enabling you to accomplish some of your most complex tasks with a simple click of your mouse.

If you have 50 employees who each spend just 10 minutes every day struggling with difficult tasks in Word, you lose 42 efficient work hours. Every week. By reducing these tasks to a simple click with the mouse you could hire another employee to actually create value for your costumers.

  • Stop spending time on tasks in Word that don't add to your revenue. Use DocTools Word Add-Ins instead!

I have literally compacted a full day’s work into about 1 minute and at the push of a button in DocTools ExtractChanges Pro.

Tony Johnson

Financial Analyst

Discovering DocTools CrossReferenceManager was like a childhood Christmas – magical!

CrossReferenceManager has significantly simplified how we automate cross-references in Word and has improved the overall quality of our customer focused documentation.

David Buckley

Senior Manager Technical Publications, GS1

We have been looking for a solution that makes working with document properties easier, faster and automate the process.
Then I stumbled upon the ‘holy grail’: DocPropertyManager.

I am a big fan of DocPropertyManager.

Robin Renkema

Database Expert, SQLBRANDER.NL B.V.

13 Word Add-Ins Ready for Use – Easy-to-Learn – Easy-to-Use – FREE trial

You can learn about each of the 13 Word add-ins via the Products menu above. You will also find links to the individual add-ins below.

Get Access to the Word Add-Ins at Once and Improve your Productivity in Word

Each Word add-in adds extra commands or features to Microsoft Word that help you improve your productivity in Word.

9 Powerful Word Add-Ins – yet easy to master

Each of these add-ins can help you accomplish tasks faster than you might have thought possible

That is not all – the add-ins also make it possible for you to perform tasks that are not possible to solve using the built-in functionality in Word. If you want to try out these add-ins before you buy, you can take advantage of the 7-day FREE trial.


4 FREE Word Add-Ins

Each of these add-ins are provided totally free of charge

You only need to fill in your name and email address on the relevant product page and you will receive an email with a download link.


Get Started in Minutes

Download a free trial of an add-in if you want to try it out before you buy. Or download one of the totally free add-ins. Install the add-in using the InstallationManager that follows with the download – and you are ready to go!

Most of the add-ins add a set of tools to the Ribbon for easy access. Many of the add-ins share the DocTools tab in the Ribbon, as illustrated below. Other add-ins have a separate Ribbon tab. Some add-ins also add tools to the context menus that appear when you right-click in a Word document.

Productivity tools for Word – DocTools tabs in the Ribbon with tools from many Word add-ins

All the add-ins are developed for PC / Windows. All add-ins work with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Word.

The use of the DocTools add-ins have tremendously boosted my productivity.

As part of my work in the analysis of clinical trials data, I have to draft and review numerous Word documents on a daily basis.

DocTools add-ins are very intuitive to use and allow a high degree of customization. Accordingly, I will be happy to continue using these add-ins and I do hope more will become available in the near future.

Carlos Blanco Villa


  • Informative articles

In addition to the add-ins, the Support – How to menu offers several informative articles that are not only related to the add-ins provided on this website. The articles include a lot of extra information with the purpose to help you better understand how Microsoft Word works, thereby helping you in your daily work with Word.

Free Trial icon - Microsoft Word add ins

FREE TRIAL – Try Before You Buy

You can try out any of the 8 powerful add-ins before you buy. Simply use a FREE TRIAL button on the relevant product page. The free trial versions include all the functionality of the full version and will work for 7 days.

New Word add-ins are added and existing add-ins are updated when relevant. In addition, related Word articles are added and updated when relevant. See News for an overview of what’s new and updated on this website.

Get started now! Try out any of the 8 powerful Word add-ins at no risk – or download any of the free add-ins at no charge.