Cross-references in Word – easier and smarter than ever

Version 3.1 with improved performance

Learn how the DocTools CrossReferenceManager Word add-in can help you

DocTools CrossReferenceManager simplifies and speeds up the management of cross-references even in your most complex documents. Completely compatible with Word's own cross-references but with many powerful, new and unique capabilities added.

  • Create custom cross-reference texts in any language, specifying whole text strings with introductory text and as many cross-references you want, prepared for fast insertion in any Word document
  • Insert any custom cross-reference text with multiple cross-references with a single click – e.g. including cross-references to both paragraph number, paragraph text and page
  • Automatic styling of cross-reference elements
  • Filter function lets you quickly find the cross-reference target you want
  • Powerful cross-reference checker that can detect and repair cross-reference errors throughout your documents, including in headers/footers, footnotes, endnotes, text boxes and other difficult-to-check locations
  • Customizable defaults and automatic selection of "most recently used" references by type
  • And much more…

DocTools CrossReferenceManager is the perfect, time-saving cross-reference tool for anyone who uses Word for writing contracts, scientific reports, technical reports, technical specifications, user manuals, academic dissertations, patent drafting and other types of documents in which cross-references are needed.

Empower everyone who works with cross-references in Word. Get DocTools CrossReferenceManager today!

Watch the short video below and read on to learn how DocTools CrossReferenceManager can help you.

The add-in works with Word 2010Word 2013Word 2016Word 2019Word for Microsoft 365 on PC / Windows.
The add-in works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Word.

Single user license  only EUR 57 – volume discount – see Pricing details below.

Video – see how to create cross-references in Word using DocTools CrossReferenceManager

What users say about DocTools CrossReferenceManager

DocTools CrossReferenceManager is a terrific add-in that adds functionality to Microsoft’s own cross-referencing function, and makes it much easier to assign cross-references. A great tool for all power Word users.

Custom cross-reference texts – This is COOL!!!

I love the filter function!

I love how after you've inserted a cross-reference, all your settings – AND the last cross-reference you chose – display when you go to insert a new one (this is super handy when you’re assigning numbered cross-references for bibliographic citations)!

Rhonda Bracey

Owner and Managing Director of CyberText Consulting Pty Ltd

We love the CrossReferenceManager tool, it has made life incredibly easy for us! :- )

Swati Johri


Discovering DocTools CrossReferenceManager was like a childhood Christmas – magical!

CrossReferenceManager has significantly simplified how we automate cross-references in Word and has improved the overall quality of our customer focused documentation.

David Buckley

Senior Manager Technical Publications, GS1

Cross-reference features – comparison


Word's built-in
cross-reference features

Insert cross-references to paragraphs styled with the built-in Heading 1-9 styles

Insert cross-references to any custom heading that has been applied outline level 1-9 without manually adding a bookmark first

Insert cross-references to numbered items

Insert cross-references to bookmarks

Insert cross-references to footnotes

Insert cross-references to endnotes

Insert cross-references to captions (Figure, Table, etc.)

Insert cross-references to caption number only

Offer only the types of cross-reference target types that are relevant to the actual document

List cross-reference types in alphabetical order for faster overview

Filter cross-reference target items for very fast selection

Save custom cross-reference texts in any language, specifying whole text strings with as many cross-references you want, prepared for fast insertion

Insert custom cross-reference texts with multiple cross-references with a single click

Define cross-reference defaults that apply to the first cross-reference you insert in any document

Each document remembers all the cross-reference settings you selected for the different cross-reference types and also remembers which target item you selected most recently for that type

Automatically apply highlight to all cross-reference fields so you can easily check them – you can remove the highlight again with a single click

Automatically apply highlight to all cross-reference bookmarks so you can easily check them – you can remove the highlight again a single click

Automatically apply a character style to cross-reference fields

Automatically have a character style added that looks as the Hyperlink style and have that style applied to cross-references (the built-in Hyperlink style does not work with cross-reference fields)

Apply a character style to all cross-reference fields in the entire document in one operation

Reset the formatting of all cross-reference fields in the entire document in one operation

Cross-reference dialog box can be resized so you can see many target items and long target texts

A cross-reference checker that lets you check the document for errors in cross-reference bookmarks and cross-reference fields and provides tools for repairing any errors found

Functionality that can prevent certain types of errors such as cross-references pointing to number 0 (zero)

Browse cross-reference fields and targets in two windows side by side – a dialog box lets you step through the fields in one window and show the related target in the other window

Generate a document with an overview of all cross-references in a document

I have been using DocTools CrossReferenceManager for several months and have found it to be extremely useful.

I am also extremely pleased and impressed by Lene Fredborg's support. When I ran into issues using the program, Lene Fredborg helped me solve the issues quickly and professionally. I could not ask for more from any software provider.

John D. Purdy


I use almost no add-ins as often trying to remember them all is more work than it is worth. But your tool, DocTools CrossReferenceManager, is a winner and I have put the icon on the quick launch tool bar and use it almost every day as I write my reports.

Paul Maconochie

GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd

PS as a patent professional, I am finding your CrossReferenceManager tool extremely valuable for patent drafting!

Antonia Modkova

Patent Attorney

I highly recommend CrossReferenceManager as a fantastic group of tools, saving time and making my documents more accurate and accessible.

Lene gives amazing support! She gives clear, detailed and understandable instructions. She is really committed to her user's success, creating updates and tweaking features at amazing speed.

One of a kind!

Rabbi Elijah C. Dordek

Founder & Director of Mishna Sdura, Senior Lecturer in Talmudic Studies and Jewish Philosophy

I wish to thank you for having created the DocTools CrossReferenceManager tool. It is really a big help for who has to manage complex documents.

You could ask why I am silent for long times; the reason is simple. I am the general manager of a company that produces complex offers in public tenders. Normally the offers are prepared by a dedicated team but, from time to time, there is an extremely important (for us) tender and I want to care it personally. Our documents are really complex, with tons of data, and nothing is better than CrossReferenceManager to keep the things under control; without it, you leave MS-Word the opportunity to run wild… and waste your time in so many ways!

Another point that I appreciate, is the capability to quickly add beautiful links, not only with the paragraphs numbers, but also with the page and to the title. Without CrossReferenceManager it would require ages, with CrossReferenceManager you do it in just one click.

Ing. Giovanni Becattini

Amministratore Delegato/Managing Director, AEP Ticketing Solutions, Italy

I bought CrossReferenceManager a few months ago and it's been a godsend as I prepare my PhD thesis for submission in July.

CrossReferenceManager is making a substantial contribution to my thesis by allowing me to produce detailed referencing that allows my supervisors (and later examiners) to follow my arguments better.

John Gray

Research Student at University of Lincoln, England

I purchased DocTools CrossReferenceManager and DocTools DocPropertyManager. These are awesome tools! They resolve some particular pain points and make me more efficient.

Jessica Davis

KL&A Proposal Manager

I've spent the weekend working with CrossReferenceManager. Wow! I've been a systems programmer for over 50 years and it's rare to find software that's as nicely designed as CrossReferenceManager.... I'll be licensing a copy for sure.”

Andy Johnson-Laird

President, Johnson-Laird Inc., Forensic Unmanned Aircraft Analyst

Pricing and general information

Version number:

3.1 – see Changelog for info about versions and changes

Release date:

May 11, 2020

Supported Word versions:

Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, Word 2019, Word for Microsoft 365 on PC / Windows

Licensing per computer:

One license per computer is required (see License Terms)

Free trial – try before you buy:

7 days

Volume discount:

Applies to licenses purchased on a single order

One-time payment:

No recurring payments


Minor updates within 12 months for free

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Save 30% on upgrade licenses for later full number versions and upgrade licenses from any earlier version to newest version

Number of licenses

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1-4 licenses

57 Euro

5-9 licenses

55 Euro

10-24 licenses

52 Euro

25-49 licenses

47 Euro

50-99 licenses

42 Euro

100 or more licenses

37 Euro

* Prices do not include applicable taxes
* One-time payment – no recurring payments

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Introduction to the DocTools CrossReferenceManager features

Cross-references in Word documents are used to refer to related content elsewhere in the same document. Word has built-in functionality that lets you create cross-references to different types of targets.

DocTools CrossReferenceManager lets you do everything you can do with cross-references in Word using the built-in cross-reference functionality. But you can do it easier and faster. In addition, DocTools CrossReferenceManager includes smart and efficient cross-reference features that are not found elsewhere.

To learn more about how cross-references in Word work, see the article How cross-reference fields in Word work. You can also open the article from the Support – how to menu.

The user interface (i.e. screen texts in the Ribbon, dialog boxes, help, etc.) of DocTools CrossReferenceManager is in English but the add-in can be used with any language version of Word.

DocTools CrossReferenceManager is easy to use. You can start using it immediately but it is recommended to spend time familiarizing with the functionality in order to take full advantage of all the features.

Documents can include a mixture of cross-references created using DocTools CrossReferenceManager and Word's built-in functionality
A cross-reference in Word is a field, i.e. set of codes that instructs Word to automatically insert material into a document – click here if you want to learn more about how cross-reference fields work.

Once you have inserted cross-references in a document using DocTools CrossReferenceManager, those cross-references will work precisely as if they had been inserted using Word's built-in functionality. This means that users who don't have DocTools CrossReferenceManager installed can work with your documents as they would normally do.

Examples of special features in DocTools CrossReferenceManager

Below is a short description of some of the special features that are included in DocTools CrossReferenceManager to make your work with cross-references in Word more efficient. You will find more details below this introduction.

Also, take a look at the Cross-reference Tools menu that is illustrated on the right and you will get an idea of the number of features.

You can save language-specific custom cross-reference texts that contain placeholders for multiple cross-reference fields. You can insert any of your custom cross-reference texts, including all the cross-references, with a single click. See the cross-reference example below (field shading is turned on to make it easy to identify fields):

Cross-references: Insert multiple cross-references in one operation

The Insert Cross-reference dialog box lets you filter target items. This is a real time saver. You can quickly reduce the list of target items to precisely the one you need.

NEW in version 2.6 – Filter feature now even more efficient

You can now set the Filter field as the default field for even faster selection. You can filter target items to show all Heading / outline levels or only level 1, 1-2, 1-3, or 1-4.

You can not only insert cross-references to target items supported by the built-in cross-reference functionality in Word. You can easily insert cross-references to headings that have not had one of the Heading 1-9 styles applied to them.

Any paragraph that has been applied outline level 1-9 will automatically be listed as a target item. This means that you do not need to manually add a bookmark to such heading in order to cross-reference it.

You can insert cross-references to only the caption number of a caption (without the label). This makes it easy to create cross-references like e.g. "See Figures 12 to 15" where the last item shows the number only.

You can automatically apply a character style to cross-references you insert. A command also lets you apply a character style to all cross-reference fields in the entire document in one operation. This is a fast and easy way to make sure the formatting is consistent. Or you can reset the formatting of all cross-reference fields if you change your mind.

Automatically apply style to cross-reference fields

NEW in version 3.0
You can now also apply a character style to any part(s) of a custom text instead of applying the style to all cross-reference fields in a custom text. Learn about style tags below.

You can use Check and Repair Cross-references command as your cross-reference checker. It checks the document for errors in cross-reference bookmarks and cross-reference fields. The command also provides tools for repairing any cross-reference errors found. In addition, the add-in includes functionality that can prevent certain types of errors such as cross-references pointing to number 0 (zero).

Cross-reference checker: Check for errors in cross-references and correct them

You can define default settings that will be used as the initial settings in all documents the first time you insert a cross-reference. The Insert Cross-reference dialog box will then open with those settings already selected. You can change the default settings whenever you wish.

Once you have inserted a cross-reference in a specific document, the document will remember your latest cross-reference settings used in that document the next time you open the dialog box. Furthermore, the document will remember the different settings you made for each type of cross-reference. Even the target item you selected will be remembered so it is easy to insert more cross-references to the same target item.

You can resize the Insert Cross-reference dialog box so you can see more target items and longer target items. The dialog box will remember both its size and position – even between Word sessions.

And much more...

You can access the functionality from the CrossReferenceManager group in the DocTools tab:

CrossReferenceManager group in the DocTools tab

The Cross-references Tools menu gives you access to a lot of functionality. You will find a short description of all commands in the More details section below.

The Cross-reference Tools menu

Tip: Click the illustration above to enlarge it

You will find more details about the cross-reference features below. See also the comparison of features in DocTools CrossReferenceManager and Word's built