FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to misc. frequently asked questions.
Please refer to the individual items in the Support - How to menu for help on how to install, update or uninstall DocTools add-ins.

I have been looking for specific information on this website but did not find it. What can I do?

I have clicked a green Download button to get one of the free add-ins but nothing was downloaded. What can I do?

I have installed a free trial version of a DocTools add-in - what happens when the trial period ends?

I have purchased an add-in and can see that a newer version is now available - how do I get an update?

I am using a Mac - is it possible to use the DocTools add-ins on Mac instead of PC?

What are the differences between extracting changes using DocTools ExtractChanges Pro and DocTools ExtractData?

Do DocTools add-ins work regardless of the Trust Center Settings in Word?

I have other macros and add-ins installed - can I be sure that the DocTools add-ins do not conflict with my existing macros and add-ins?

I have purchased an add-in. Where can I ask questions about the order (payment, delivery, etc.)?

Is it possible to get a customized version of one of the add-ins?

I think I found a bug in an add-in. Where can I report it?

How do I find Word's STARTUP folder?

I cannot see the STARTUP folder. How do I fix that?

I cannot see the Developer tab in the Ribbon in Word. How do I fix that?

How do I find out which version of Word I have?

How do I find out whether I have 32-bit or 64-bit Office installed?

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